NAPT Los Angeles - Bounty Shootout, Final Table

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81 of the games greats came out to test their mettle in this NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout, an elite nine won their preliminary table and now take a seat at this winner take all final table. The final nine include, Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi who looks to keep his great year going, but he'll have to get past a bevy of the game's best, including 2009 'CardPlayer' Player of the year, Eric Baldwin, his good friend, Justin Young, Canadian Pro Pat Pezzin, WSOP and WPT winner David Williams and perhaps the hottest player on the planet Tom Marchese who is at his 10th major final table in 2010. They and the rest have a lot at stake, in addition to the winner take all top prize of nearly $135,000, the bounty title is still in play. Knock an opponent out and earn $1,000 dollars, the one with the most bounties wins a seat to the next NAPT bounty shootout. It's all on the line at this action packed NAPT LA Bounty Shootout Final Table!

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